Support for Ukrainian Refugees

Tuesday March 15, 2022

See what RPCVs are doing to support Ukrainian Refugees and review a list of recommendations of reputable organizations seeking donations to support Ukrainians.

  1. Katherine Yanosick, an RPCV Ukraine, along with 3 other RPCVs have organized and sent a large shipment of supplies to Ukraine.  See the video and article, broadcast by WCVB Boston that describes their project.  They recommend donating to Friends of Ukraine Rhode Island who are delivering medical supplies to the frontlines in Ukraine and providing disaster relief to Ukrainians.
  2. The Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Alliance for Ukraine is procuring medical supplies in the US and members of the network are personally delivering them to Poland where they will then be sent to Ukraine.  Donations are critical for them to continue their work.
  3. Direct Relief, an international NGO headed by Thomas Tighe, RPCV Thailand, has already deployed more than 25 tons of medical aid to Ukraine since the war broke out.  The donations you make go a long way to supporting Ukrainians.
  4. Global Citizen, an NGO based in England, has done the research for you.  GC is a movement of engaged citizens who are using their collective voice to end extreme poverty by 2030.  Check out their recommendations for large, reputable international organizations that are providing food, medical care, housing, etc. to Ukrainians.  They also provide some good advocacy recommendations:

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