Volunteer Recruitment: Webmaster for El Paso Refugee Shelter

Thursday March 4, 2021

By Charity Summers, PCC4Refugees Border Liaison

As many migrants have been stuck in Mexico for more than a year under the MPP (Migrant Protection Protocol), or Remain in Mexico Act, making a living for themselves has presented itself as a challenge. Many have small children, and are unable to work in Mexico without a work visa. As shelters are overcrowded, and migrants are asked to move on due to a lack of space, families will double up and rent little homes splitting the rent.

Mercy Ministries serve these families, by providing assistance with food relief, clothing that accommodates the changing of seasons, and guidance with technology in order to keep them up to date on information regarding their asylum cases. We focus our attention on serving families in the border cities of Juarez and Elpaso.

This ministry also works to highlight the dignity and individuality of each person looking for safety in America. We do this by staying very grounded and focusing our attention on accompaniment. Believing that the best way to serve them is by giving them our time. For this reason, the ministry has stayed small, as marketing and fundraising take time and energy. Time and energy that they so desperately need to be spent on them.

For this reason, Mercy Ministries is reaching out to the PCC4Refugees, in hopes of finding someone willing to donate their time to running a website for these families. While we can be here on the ground, we need someone who can be behind the computer. Things work better when they are done by a team. That is why we are looking for another individual to join ours.

Many of the women have the skills to knit and make jewelry. The creation of a website for them to sell their crafts, would provide a way for them to make an income. As well as give them a sense of purpose and accomplishment. The mundane, repetitiveness of their days is often oppressive. This would not only give them a way to support themselves financially, but it would also act as a source of hope. Above all else, this is a way to serve vulnerable refugee communities.

Volunteer Webmaster Position Description (could be two people):

  • Create an online marketplace.
  • Operate the website on a day to day basis.
  • Design and implement a layout for the website.
  • Construct a platform that has photos of the woman’s work, and a small bio about the woman’s life.
  • Creating a space that points towards the humanity of the immigrant by attaching the crafters’ story to their creation.
  • Answer correspondences, and questions via email that the website may receive.
  • Create a safe and secure way to handle financial transactions through the website.
  • Manage orders for production, pricing, payment methods and delivery options. ‚óŹ Working one-on-one with the Border Liaison for the PCC4Refugees to coordinate inventory received and delivered.
  • Embrace your own creativity and bring ideas to the table in order to create a functioning website.

For individuals interested in this position, please contact the PCC4Refugees, Border Liaison, Charity Summers at [email protected]

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